At Head Above Water, we raise funds so that our partners can deliver the great programs out in the community. At this time, we have affiliations with Gotcha4Life, Tomorrow Man and Man Anchor. As we grow and raise more money, we may look to widen the scope of the organisations we work with. Our goal is to foster sustainable, mentally fit communities all along the Northern Beaches and beyond. 


Gotcha4Life believes in prevention through connection and the importance of identifying a close friend in your life, someone you know you can go to and speak openly and honestly when times are tough.

They strive to raise awareness that each and every one of us can help prevent incidents of poor mental health, through the connections we make.


Gotcha4Life is a not for profit foundation building mental fitness, emotional muscle, meaningful mateship and social connection in local communities to end suicide.

Mind your Mate is the new mateship mission from Gotcha4Life. Click here to support their vision of reaching one million mates – mates who know they've got someone to turn to no matter what challenges life brings. 

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Tomorrow Man facilitates programs within education, sport, workplace and community environments Australia wide. They work to strengthen emotional muscle, creating training grounds wherever men gather to practice the art of tough conversations. By questioning what it means to be a bloke today, men and boys use their shared experience and collective wisdom, to redefine a healthier version of masculinity for the men of today and tomorrow.

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Tomorrow Woman facilitates programs within schools and communities around Australia. They unpack the history, expectations and facts of modern-day womanhood and reconnect women with their authentic voice, reinventing an unapologetic version of femininity for the women of today and tomorrow. They ask the question “Who is the woman I want to be tomorrow?” 


Man Anchor programs delivers workshops and training on mental health & wellbeing encouraging open conversations, designed to remove any stigma or barriers to seeking help.


Groups address the difference between good and poor mental health and identify common triggers leading to mental health crisis, offering powerful tips on keeping yourself in good mental health. They create a room for discussion, education and action, about issues that affect men, family, friends and colleagues.


Ultimately, looking at building a strong culture of support networks, shaping and improving the mental wellness of communities, equipping them with skills and tools to support.